So why are most comic book stores doing it wrong?

Went on a little road trip a while back and went into several comic book stores. For the most part they are laid out in two ways. 

1: They are arranged by company. The marvel section, the DC section, Darkhorse, Image…etc.

2: Or they are arranged by release date/alphabetical. 

You can’t read a sigle article on how comics are in decline and all the problems and who is to blame for them.

Now I will be the first to admit I don’t own a store but I do go shopping every week and spend my money on a ton of stuff. As a consumer I know what I like and how I want to buy it.

The question is why do comic book stores not mimic other successful store models?

90% of the comics are superhero for the most part. Super hero comics make a much smaller portion of what is actually produced.

I understand there are boutique type stores out there, there are stores that sell nothing but kids clothes. Likewise there are comic shops that seem to only sell super hero comics.

Why are comic shops not set up with departments of: “Super Heroes” “Horror” “Kids” “Drama”

I walk into a store to buy clothes we can very easily go to the departments we need to to get the things we need.

I have just read articles wrote by shop owners who want to know how to get people into comics. I go to their shops and it’s 90% superheroes. Asking how you can get 35 yr old house wives to come in and buy hello kitty thongs is like asking how do you get that same house wife to come in and buy Batman.

If you are an adult in your 30’s buying batman its cause you like comics and superheroes. If you don’t like either of those things you not going to start sifting through the sludge to find that “fables” or “sandman”.

Most comic book stores are set up like a Hot Topic.

Which is great, if you want to run a little boutique super hero comic shop more power to you.

But we need more Macy’s like shops out there in our communities.

I am sure there a ton of valid reasons why this isn’t done and I know this is wrote from a place of pure ignorance on owning and operating a comic shop. 

Anywho…if anyone has any ideas or insights into this I would love to hear them.