Elfquest: Book Three

 Book three in the Elfquest series starts off with an exciting bang. The book quickly gets you up to speed at where the two parties are at and what they are doing. Then speedily  reunites them inside the Blue Mountain where they discover elves that are tall and graceful that call themselves the “High Ones”. The Wolfriders quickly discover that the new elves have powers thought to have been lost like flying and rock shaping.


The leader of the new elves Lord Voll is entranced by the Wolfriders and their children especially, and has them stay in Blue Mountain for a while. But Cutter and his tribe are reluctant because of Winnowill. An elven sorceress who none of them trust. She does everything she can to get the Wolfriders to leave Blue Mountain and she eventually even kidnaps Suntop, Cutter’s son. Throughout the story you learn more of the rich history of the elves and their descendants and how each tribe got to where they are. The story is amazingly rich with detail, imagination, and vivid imagery that will get you dreaming of elves.