Liberty Meadows

Liberty Meadows is a comedic comic series that is set in a small Animal Sanctuary filled with talking animals. All with their own quirks and weird personalities. The story starts off 99 years in the future where longtime member of Liberty Meadows circus bear, Ralph tells a magazine journalist the tale of Liberty Meadow’s long history.


A recurring story theme is Frank’s infatuation with the animal psychologist, Brandy which never seems to go anywhere other than his head. Brandy being very beautiful also seems to like Frank who is the animal vet at Liberty Meadows. Both of them are woefully ignorant of their feelings for eachother so it creates a seemingly endless love circle. All the resident animals have some sort of medical issue such as the ex-college mascot pig named Dean, who is at Liberty Meadows for detox. The whole story has sort of a T.V. sitcom feel to it that I like in my comic books. Granted, it does seem to have very slow character and story development but I read it for the laughs, not because I want an amazing story.

Most of the jokes come in the form of an allusion so there were some jokes I didn’t understand but a good amount were understandable for me at least. I wouldn’t recommend it if you want some kind of fantastic story that has you hooked and flipping the pages as fast as you can go, this is more of a "lazy sunday sitting down with a drink" read.