Fables: Animal Farm


Personally my favorite of all the Fables comic books, Animal Farm is about the revolution of the non- human looking fables that are all forced to live on the Farm. The Farm is a very large plot of land located in upstate New York and it houses all sorts of Fable oddities such as the Three Little Pigs, the three bears from the Goldilocks story, the tiger Khan and the tiny sprite like girl, Jill.

After years of being stuck on the Farm the animals all plan a revolution to be free of the Farm, which they had all come to hate. The animal’s enthusiasm for the revolution is fanned mostly by Goldilocks. The revolution really starts when Snow White and her sister Rose Red both go to visit the Farm for a few days and Rose Red joins the revolution while Snow White is taken prisoner. This addition to the Fables series has a lot of surprises and twists that make it a really fun read. It also puts some light on the subject of how life in the Farm really is and how even though it isn’t that bad on the Farm, it can make someone go crazy to be stuck in one place for so long.