Mists of Pandaria


The Wandering Isle is the new starting zone for the pandaren in World Of Warcraft. The pandaren are the new race in World of Warcraft added in the Mists Of Pandaria expansion. They are pretty much just pandas that can walk and talk. The Wandering Isle is by far my favorite starting zone now, its beautiful, fun to play, and it makes a nice change from the usual.


The Wandering Isle is by far the most interesting place visually i've ever seen in World Of Warcraft, I really had a lot of fun with it. Going with the new expansion Mists Of Pandaria there is a new class, The Monk. I haven't played that much of the Monk but I can tell you it is a lot of fun. They remind me a lot of the rouge class mixed with the Shaman class. I am a little disappointed that Blizzard decided to do away with the no auto attack idea. But other than that the Monk class is very fun, enjoyable, and exciting to play. The new expansion is a hit and overall it's my second favorite expansion, beaten only by Wrath Of The Lich King.

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