Fables: Legends in Exile


Written by Bill Willingham and penciled  by Lan Medina, this fairy tale story set in modern New York puts a whole new twist on the famous storybook fables that I grew up on. Combining tons of famous children’s fairy tales and fables this, sometimes a bit dark comic revolutionizes the understanding of happily ever after stories like Cinderella.

These Fables hiding out in New York City all escaped from their lands and the dark tyrant named the Adversary who enslaved their friends, family, and kingdoms. With all these outcast forced to live side by side regardless of their previous relationships the tension is usually fairly high, but the exiles live together in a tightly knit community called Fabletown and manage to coexist with the normal humans quite successfully.

In this first book murder strikes in Fabletown and only The Big Bad Wolf can unravel the mystery and solve the case of the murder of Rose Red. Creating an intriguing mystery story is something Bill Willingham obviously knows how to do because this story has you racing to turn the page and find out for yourself who killed Rose Red.