Elfquest: Book One


Elfquest is an amazing fantasy comic book created by Wendy and Richard Pini. Yes, the series is kind of old but that doesn’t matter. Elfquest is my all time favorite comic book and if you like fantasy books with elves, trolls, and magic then you’ll love Elfquest. Book 1 is the first graphic novel in the Elfquest series featuring the Wolfriders. The Wolfriders are a tribe of elf hunters and warriors that ride wolves and live in a forest.


Everyday is a struggle to survive and stay safe from the primitive humans who call them Demons or Children Of Demons. In book 1 you learn about the Wolfriders and how they came to live in the forest, how the humans chased them from their home, and how they found their new home. Elfquest is a masterpiece of art and storytelling that will leave you wanting the next book. It is an amazing series that once you pick up you just can’t stop reading.