Fables: Storybook Love


Book 3 : Storybook Love

The third book of the Fables book series is one without a lot of major action because it mainly focuses on character development. A new love starts to bud in Fabletown whether the two people think that they want it or not. Of course you might expect a happy fairy tale ending to a perfect love story, but no such nonsense happens in Fabletown!

Also a mundy (normal mortal humans) discovered that the small community of Fabletown is full of immortals. He found out a few secrets of the thought to be, make believe refugees but missed a pretty major fact about who they are. So like he always does, Bigby goes in and puts a stop to the nosy mundy using all of his Fabletown sheriff cunning. I like how it also includes two short stories about Jack from the beanstalk story and the little people of Lilliput. The story about Jack tells one of his many adventures, this one specifically being after he left the southern army in the civil war and he catches Death himself in a magic bag. Jack subdues death in order to be with a young woman who was about to die, and without death letting things die the world is set off balance. The short tale of the people of Lilliput is about a large crew of military men sent out to fight the adversaries inevitable conquest. They all land on a realm of giants for them, they would have made the long journey back home right from there but their ship was destroyed by a giant. Forced to live in this land of giants, the small Lilliputians travel very far and through whole worlds to find a home.