The PS4

     Gamers have been waiting for the next revolutionary console since 2006. Finally after 7 long years the arrival of the PS4 was announced on 2-20-13 that the all new PS4 will be released in the US during the holidays of 2013. As would be expected there will be several new features including advanced upgrades to the system’s core mechanics.

Playstation Move


        The playstation move feature will also be a part of the system, with two dual cameras and all new Move controllers the “Playstation Move” experience will be even more interactive and dependent. The new system can actually track which player is playing which avatar. Amazingly the system can also use facial recognition technology to associate a face with a PSN profile.

PS4 Instant On

     Sony has outdone themselves with this new feature to the Playstation. The Instant On will supposedly allow you to shut down in the middle of a game and then turn the console back on and start playing where you left off in a matter of seconds. This feature is supposed to stop the long waits for your console to reload.

Playstation Vita Connection


Sony has also said that your Playstation games will be able to sync up onto your Playstation Vita and other Sony products. It is supposed to work exactly like the Wii U and will wirelessly send your games to the Vita.

The Controller

Included in the PS4 is an all new controller called the DualShock4. Designed to maximise your gaming experience and stay simple and easy to use the DualShock4 is similar to the old one, but with some new features. Sony has done away with the “start” and “select” buttons and instead replaced them with the “share” and “option” buttons. The “share” button will help you connect with friends using your PSN account. The system automatically records your last few minutes of gameplay and by simply pressing the share button it will upload to your PSN account and you can keep on playing uninterrupted.


Release dates and pricing

The highly anticipated PS4 is supposed to come out during the Holidays of 2013 in the US and is estimated to cost around 450 dollars and in Europe 399 pounds. Like usual, the US will most likely get the PS4 sometime in December, but Europe will likely have to wait until early 2014 for the opportunity to buy the PS4.

The Fellowship of the Ring


    The Fellowship of the Ring is the first book (or movie) in the Lord of the Rings series. It is easily one of my favorite movies. I love fantasy movies and books. I really just can’t stand non fiction book. This is one of those movies that you have to read the books before you watch the movie. But I say that about every movie that is based off of a book. It would take a long time to tell you what happens in The Fellowship of the Ring, but I’ll try to summarize it without giving away too much. The story starts with Frodo Baggins the hobbit. Frodo is the main character and the whole movie(or book) follows him on an epic adventure through Middle Earth to destroy the One Ring. I don’t want to tell you any more just in case you haven’t seen the movie or read the book. But if you haven’t, you really need to.



Skyrim is the next game in the Elder Scrolls Series. I’ve spent countless hours playing it and it is one of the most amazing games I’ve ever played. I’ve always liked RPG’s in an almost medieval setting. Plus I’ve always liked Viking/ Nordic culture. So combine it and its just an unforgettable experience. As I said I’ve spent countless hours playing this game and exploring everything about it, its an amazing game. But there are some bad things. I have forgotten to save my game a couple of times, then hours of my gameplay is never saved and I have to start over again. It tends to happen a lot and it can make the game tedious. That and the game sometimes freezes and you have to turn off your computer or console. Resulting in loss of your game. If Bethesda fixed those two problems, then It would easily be my favorite game of all time.

Fables: Storybook Love


Book 3 : Storybook Love[2].jpg
The third book of the Fables book series is one without a lot of major action because it mainly focuses on character development. A new love starts to bud in Fabletown whether the two people think that they want it or not. Of course you might expect a happy fairy tale ending to a perfect love story, but no such nonsense happens in Fabletown!

Also a mundy (normal mortal humans) discovered that the small community of Fabletown is full of immortals. He found out a few secrets of the thought to be, make believe refugees but missed a pretty major fact about who they are. So like he always does, Bigby goes in and puts a stop to the nosy mundy using all of his Fabletown sheriff cunning. I like how it also includes two short stories about Jack from the beanstalk story and the little people of Lilliput. The story about Jack tells one of his many adventures, this one specifically being after he left the southern army in the civil war and he catches Death himself in a magic bag. Jack subdues death in order to be with a young woman who was about to die, and without death letting things die the world is set off balance. The short tale of the people of Lilliput is about a large crew of military men sent out to fight the adversaries inevitable conquest. They all land on a realm of giants for them, they would have made the long journey back home right from there but their ship was destroyed by a giant. Forced to live in this land of giants, the small Lilliputians travel very far and through whole worlds to find a home.  


The Avengers

The Avengers


       The Avengers is definitely one of my favorite movies of all time. I have always loved the superhero and comic genre. I love how its action packed, exciting, and it keeps the whole story moving along smoothly. One of my favorite things about the movie is being able to go back and watch seperate movies for each Avenger, like Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. It is really a lot of fun to watch all the movies for each hero in one day then watch the Avengers, it gives off a sense of grandeur in my opinion. My favorite character will always be Tony Stark for one reason, he is the only one who jokes about Bruce Banner or the Hulk. The movie has so many serious and funny parts that combine into a masterpiece of cinema.