2: Baby Gelatinous Cubes

 Baby Gelatinous Cubes by: Amy Dawn

Baby Gelatinous Cubes by: Amy Dawn

Baby Gelatinous Cubes

Individually, they are tiny and easily brushed off with only minor acid burns, but in groups they are very dangerous. As they slime their way over your boots and up your legs they begin to search out warm unprotected areas to feast upon, and you discover why they are considered dangerous.

They seem almost iridescent in some respects. In darkness they do not glow but even the faintest of light will cause them to light up like a wild animal’s eyes in campfire. The sickly green glinting in the dark recesses of a corridor should give all pause to tread carefully.

Sometimes they can be found living within the bowels of certain creatures. Cave dwelling dragons and the like find them, for some reason, quite tasty. Some have even gone so far as to use them as guards to keep creatures from eating mushroom gardens. 

Intelligent races who dwell in these creatures habitat have mastered the use of crafting tool will use makeshift tools looking like a stick and a small metal scoop on the end of it and hurl these little creatures at enemies with surprising accuracy.