3: Batbane Women



Sometimes simply called Batbanes or Bat Women,
some claim that these chimeras are the offspring of
a single woman or group of women that were once
human, but struck by a terrible curse for an evil deed
they committed. Others suspect that they are the
unfortunate results of forbidden experiments with
devilish wizardry.

Batbane Women look like a hideous crossbreed of a
human female and a bat. Most of their once human
features are hidden under monstrous deformities.
Leathery batwings stretch from the legs to their
elongated arms, with hands and feet ending in long
claws. Their mouths are full of sharp teeth and their
ears are big and pointy. They are partially covered
in a silky black fur, but have patches of bare skin.
The hairless spots differ in size and position from
one Batbane to the next, with the exposed skin often
showing a sickly and pale appearance. Their faces are
usually but not always hairless.

The Batbane Women are capable of flying for short
periods of time, and prefer to attack their prey
with dives from above. They can use their claws to
grab and carry away their victims if they are not
much heavier than themselves. Due to their ability
to produce and perceive ultrasonic sounds, they
can maneuver in absolute darkness and are almost
impossible to surprise. Their instincts and behavior
are very feral and although they can subsist purely
on drinking blood, they tend to also rip apart and
eat some of the flesh of their prey in the process of
feeding. They get their main sustenance from wild
animals, but prefer the more tasty humanoid blood
whenever the opportunity presents itself. They eschew
the sun, sleeping through the day in dark places and
only come out to hunt at night.

The curse of the Bat Women is lifted during two
nights per year, on the summer and winter solstice.
In these nights, their bodies and minds transform
back to their human origins, and they are driven
to seek the companionship of other human beings.
Though still feral in nature, they regain some intelligence
and a rudimentary ability to speak. Some
Batbane Women even grow attached to certain
individuals they meet during these nights and try
to revisit them again at a later solstice. Usually, their
new friends are totally oblivious to the Batbane’s true
nature. Although a Batbane in human form is generally
in a friendly and social mood, they can still get
very dangerous if they feel threatened. In very rare
cases, when pushed too far, they may even transform
back to their inhuman form before the night is over,
with dire consequences for anyone nearby.
Some believe that if a benevolent soul could unravel
the original cause for their curse and redeem it,
all of them would be saved from their fate, and could
live free from the curse or at least die in peace.